Online registration for the IELTS

Many overseas employment opportunities require applicants to take the International English Language Testing System, more commonly known as IELTS. In this post, I will discuss the steps on how one can register for the exam in the most convenient manner which is done online.

First, choose your testing center.

You have the option to choose between IDP and British Council. I chose British Council for reasons that even I don’t know. It was my impulsive nature that led me to select this particular test center.

Register online.

Click here to register. A piece of advice, don’t hurry. Take time to assess your ability and readiness to take the exam. Also, before you register online, it is advisable to prepare the following:

  1. Passport or a valid ID document ( Professional Regulatory Commission ID, Social Security System ID, Government Service Insurance System and the Unified Multi-purpose ID). On the test day, you must bring the original Passport/ID document that you indicated on your application form
  2. A valid VISA card or MasterCard for online payment. The current test fee is Php 9,400.
  3. Soft copy of an image of your ID document or passport. Click here for sample and specifications. Tip: you can use your mobile phone to take a very clear picture of the ID.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You have to complete the whole registration process including online payment within 30 minutes. The time slot you hold will be automatically released after 30 minutes if the British Council do not receive your payment.

You will see this page once you click the Register Online button: Screenshot (1)

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will be asked whether or not you are taking the IELTS for UK Visa. Tick the button to answer.Screenshot (2)

Clicking the Next button will lead you to a list of test dates and the testing centers. Please be careful and make sure you select the appropriate test module that you are going to take (Academic or General Training). See the upper right portion for the drop down menu.Screenshot (3)

Select your preferred test date and proceed with the registration.

The next pages will require you to enter your personal details such as your contact number and address. A few additional details will also be asked like this: Screenshot (8)

Once you have completed this part, you will then be asked to review the accuracy of all the data that you entered on the page. It is also important that you take time to read the DECLARATION and the IELTS NOTICE TO CANDIDATES as these contain very important information and rules pertaining to the exam.

The last part of the registration is the online payment. If you are using a debit card, just make sure that you have enough funds in your account to successfully register for the exam.

Lastly, study and make use of the online resources.

Registering with British Council will automatically allow access to their online resource material called Road to IELTS. This application is best used with a desktop or laptop rather than on mobile because it requires a rather huge amount of virtual memory to run efficiently. Listen and read the tips provided by highly trained IELTS mentors and make sure you learn from the exercises included in the app.

I wish you all the best in your exam!


Disclaimer: I am in no way paid or asked to advertise for British Council in this post.




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