1st Cebu ZIG Pen Meet

The first ever ZIG Pen Meet (by @zigphilippines) in Cebu was held in SM City Cebu yesterday. In partnership with Scribe Writing Essentials (@scribewrittingessentials), ZIG invited several famous calligraphy artists to grace the program. I specifically requested a day off to attend this once in a blue moon event. There was no way I was going to miss the Pen Meet where I can have the chance to talk with the experts as well as interact with fellow calligraphy enthusiasts.

Calligraphy Demo with Cebu artists

Before the main event started, six Cebu calligraphy artists offered their talents and willingly wrote names for us.

Here’s my name written by the awesome calligraphers:

Written by the following artists from top to bottom: AJ, Janot, Chan Cane, Hansoy, Chinchin and Sandee.

I was smiling from ear to ear whenever I had my name written by them. I was undeniably fan girling! Who are these amazingly talented individuals? Ta-dah!

(L-R) The ladies: Chinchin Trinidad (@chinchintrinidad), Sandee Suan (@sandeegraphy), AJ Tabino (@ajteee)
(L-R) The gentlemen: Chan Cane (@chan.cane), Janot Bagatua (@janooooot), Hansoy Jurado (@hvnsoy). Trivia: These men are responsible for the eye-catching calligrafiti art in several streets around Cebu City.


The Scribe Writing Essentials booth

While I was waiting in line for my name to be written by the Cebuano calligraphers, I heard Miss Imma telling us that for a minimum of 2,500 single receipt purchase, we can have a Scribe quill for free. I have seen some pictures of it but I felt that I needed to see it in person. So, I approached the selling booth and looked for the quill. Definitely, I cannot tell you how beautiful the quill is. My hands were itching to own one, but my brain tells me to stop my hoarding instincts, otherwise, I will suffer the after effects of impulse buying. Here are some photos of the items on sale at the Scribe Writing Essentials booth.

The Scribe Quill, available in black and red
Rhodia Pads (price starts at P135.00)
Lots of ZIG Kuretake brush and calligraphy pens

Shameless selfies with the Masters

Because I am a self-confessed introvert, I was having a slightly hard time to muster the courage and approach the event’s featured calligraphy masters. Fortunately, despite my shy-type tendencies, I was able to get a photo from each of my calligraphy idols. I’m a happy kid today! YAY! (You can click on the images to redirect to the artist’s respective Instagram pages.)

Miss Paola Jane Esteron (@paola_koala)


Miss June Digan (@junedigann)


Mister Patrick Cabral (@darkgravity)


Miss Anina Rubio (@aninarubio)

Miss Fozzy Castro-Dayrit (@thefozzybook)


Miss Imma (@dyosaimma), also the host of the event

Group Picture!

The cast of the first ever ZIG Pen Meet in Cebu City

It was an afternoon filled with fun and creativity. I hope that one day it will be my turn to be one of the featured artists. You know what they say, “Libre ang mangarap.”


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