First Pointed Pen 101 Workshop

After my successful Contemporary Calligraphy workshop in Dumaguete City last May, a number of individuals have asked me to conduct another one in Cebu. I had second thoughts about it at first because I’m not sure if many or even one will attend. But with the constant encouragement that I received from my dearest colleagues at work, I finally decided to hold a calligraphy workshop in the Queen City of the South.

I thought that maybe I should change the workshop name into something more appropriate and type-specific. “Contemporary Calligraphy” encompasses a wide range of calligraphy styles and I would like to focus on the art of using the pointed nib, so I named my workshop “Pointed Pen 101.” This will be the brand for my workshop series that will purely talk about pointed pen calligraphy.

Here’s my post to advertise my workshop. Everything was done with my phone using the Cymera app as I didn’t have the luxury to layout on a graphic software. And, my skills aren’t really top of the class. :))


Prepping for the workshop:  A one man show, but with a community of moral support

Unlike the Dumaguete workshop, organizing this workshop isn’t as breezy because I don’t have anyone to handle the registrations and communications with potential participants. Because I’m doing the workshop in Cebu, Divina could not assist me on this one. I admit, it wasn’t easy to be working full time in the hospital while attending to matters related to the workshop. I had to squeeze in every single minute to complete the preparations. I walked the streets of Colon (OMG!) to find the cheapest school supplies as well as to find a cheap but good quality printers for my worksheets. I did the layout on my own too. Just a little more, and I feel like I’m Superwoman. Just kidding! But even though I did the preparations on my own, I have a huge bunch of people behind my back who wholeheartedly supported me in this endeavor. Thanks to you guys, you know who you are, for keeping me sane while I was running around like a lunatic and panicking because I only have few registrants. I love you all to bits, and without your support Pointed Pen 101 would not be successful.

Workshop Venue: Dolce Cafe


The venue for this month’s workshop was in Dolce Cafe, located in Nivel Hills, Lahug just before Marco Polo Cebu. It is a bit far, but you can reach the venue by riding a taxi or a 04H jeepney. Aside from the distance of the location, I am absolutely happy that I conducted the workshop in Dolce. Miss Jera, their head of staff was very accommodating. Even when I rescheduled the workshop, she was very kind to allow me to do so. She even provided me with a white board which I’m very thankful for because I needed one!

Getting ready before the students arrive. 🙂

One more thing that I loved in Dolce, aside from their chocolate cheesecake, are their white tables! It makes the workshop venue so neat. I know I said I’m a sucker for dark colors in my previous blog post, but this one’s an exception. Here are some more photos of the venue (photos are not mine, credits belong to rightful owners):


Revamp: from ‘Contemporary Calligraphy’ to ‘Pointed Pen 101’

For this workshop, I have revised the calligraphy kit that I provided to the students. I decided to add a personal touch to almost everything. And that includes the Pointed Pen 101 guide book that I made! Can you believe that? I actually typed and arranged a manual for my students. I struggled with using Adobe Illustrator in order to lay out 14 pages of the manual, but who cares? All I wanted was to make my students’ feel that they are paying for the right value.

In addition, I provided a calligraphy practice pad for everyone. It’s made of 50 sheets of 100gsm paper, with calligraphy guidelines. I’d like to believe that it is a Crafty Fat Fingers ‘branded’ practice pad. I’m absolutely loving the idea that the items in my kit are more of ‘me’ unlike the first one wherein I acquired the manual and pads from different sources.

Here are some snapshots of the kits during the workshop:


What the kit includes: Faber Castell pencil, Maped eraser, oblique and straight pen holders, Hiro 41 and Tachikawa G nibs, Moon Palace sumi ink, Pointed Pen 101 guidebook, worksheets, calligraphy practice pad. All these belongs to the participant once they finish the workshop.

Bagyong Butchoy: Rescheduled Workshop

The workshop was initially scheduled on July 2. The majority of Cebu City was flooded a day prior. And because of the uncontrollable weather conditions, it is with a heavy heart that I decided to move the workshop to July 9 for everyone to keep safe and dry. It was sad and frustrating because I was looking forward for this day to arrive and the excitement was like a candle being put off by a cold glass of water! Thankfully, all participants were considerate about the rescheduled workshop and by July 9 the weather was finally cooperative.

If three is a crowd, what more is 15?

I opened 15 slots for Pointed Pen 101. I decided to allow 15 students only so that I will be able to monitor their learning progress on a closer basis. Here are some photos of them during the workshop. Photos taken by my sister, Dianna.

Table 1: (L-R) Vince, Alec, Mayan, KV, Shali
Table 2: (L-R) Myk, Cha, Kirsten, Kris, Sanz
Table 3: (L-R) Ace and wife Virgie, Rowena and daughter, Jessica and Viverly


Trying to be a hands on ‘teacher’
Worksheets and drills time. I always love this part. 🙂


Freebies from my Calligramiga

Everyone who joined the workshop received a hand made notebook by my calligramiga (calligraphy + amiga), ate Maricel (@schizozel). The notebooks are covered with Kraft paper and all participants are required to write on the front cover for their final output. Ate Maricel also sponsored the prizes to be given to the selected students. I’m truly blessed to have met ate Zel while I was still starting my calligraphy journey, and I’m even more thankful for the growing friendship that we have formed. Calligramiga forever, ate!

L-R: Shali, Charlene and Rowena recognized for their final output. Prizes were sponsored by ate Maricel, my dearest calligramiga.
Here’s my ever supportive calligramiga, Mrs. Maricel Escanilla-Villaver, whom I fondly call Ate Zel.

Class Picture (of course!)

With the table 1 ladies whom I refer to the OC group. If you saw their worksheets you’ll know why!
With the love birds ❤


Again, more than 1000 words in this blog yet it is not enough to describe the entirety of the emotions that I felt when I conducted the workshop. It is my first in Cebu City and it will forever be a major milestone in my calligraphy journey. I just hope that the participants will continue to pursue the wonderful art of calligraphy and keep making letters dance. 🙂

‘Till next time!



    1. Hello! I will be having another workshop on September 24 in Dumaguete. There is one slot remaining, would you like to take it? If you want, please register in this link:
      You and your daughter can share the materials in the kit provided, since 1 kit nalang naa. 🙂 Hope you can join!


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