My Decision Letter is FINALLY HERE!

After 1 month from the time my last outstanding document was received by the NMBI, my decision letter was finally released. I received it via email today! Here it is, guys. I have been waiting for this letter to arrive. All the efforts and prayers paid off.


This is a screen capture of the timeline of the documents that I sent to the NMBI.

Screenshot (92)

Notice that my Employers Reference was the very last one (June 14 2016) that was sent to NMBI because I had some problems with my employer’s policies on the provision of the company/hospital seal on the NMBI form. Because of this, I was really anxious for the result of the assessment of the NMBI and thank God that I was able to receive a positive decision.

Even though I was not granted immediate eligibility to the Nursing Register, I was very happy that my application was not denied, because there are actually four possible outcomes of the assessment:

  1. Eligible for registration
  2. Further information required
  3. Required to successfully complete a period of adaptation and assessment/Aptitude Test before we can register you
  4. Refused registration



The “adaptation and assessment” decision means that you need to successfully complete a supervised placement in an Irish health care facility, before you can be registered. This decision is taken based on the education assessment.

This decision is taken:

  • If the theory and clinical content or hours of your overall nursing or midwifery education falls short of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) requirements
  • Where you have enough hours or appropriate content to allow you to complete a period of adaptation and assessment.



If you have an employer in Ireland, they can fill out the Request for Candidate Certificate and send it to NMBI along with a letter that will indicate the dates of your adaptation placement.


As of 24 May 2016, here’s the list of approved facilities for the Adaptation Program for the General Nursing Division:


Guess where’s mine? It’s going to be in the 2nd largest city in Ireland. Take your pick! 🙂

What are you waiting for? The NMBI process doesn’t seem as difficult as you think. Mine took just around 2 months to complete it. Just bring along with you a huge amount of patience and dedication and start working on your dreams to become a nurse in Ireland. Let’s soar high and roam around the Emerald Isle. 🙂



  1. ok, but my agency is telling me that i can apply only after getting passed in my aptitude test..but how you find the employer before getting DL.


  2. Hi, I wanted to know whether we will need to keep the original DL with us for further processing till adaptation is completed or is it enough to have just a copy of our DL?


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