My Decision Letter is FINALLY HERE!

After 1 month from the time my last outstanding document was received by the NMBI, my decision letter was finally released. I received it via email today! Here it is, guys. I have been waiting for this letter to arrive. All the efforts and prayers paid off.


This is a screen capture of the timeline of the documents that I sent to the NMBI.

Screenshot (92)

Notice that my Employers Reference was the very last one (June 14 2016) that was sent to NMBI because I had some problems with my employer’s policies on the provision of the company/hospital seal on the NMBI form. Because of this, I was really anxious for the result of the assessment of the NMBI and thank God that I was able to receive a positive decision.

Even though I was not granted immediate eligibility to the Nursing Register, I was very happy that my application was not denied, because there are actually four possible outcomes of the assessment:

  1. Eligible for registration
  2. Further information required
  3. Required to successfully complete a period of adaptation and assessment/Aptitude Test before we can register you
  4. Refused registration



The “adaptation and assessment” decision means that you need to successfully complete a supervised placement in an Irish health care facility, before you can be registered. This decision is taken based on the education assessment.

This decision is taken:

  • If the theory and clinical content or hours of your overall nursing or midwifery education falls short of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) requirements
  • Where you have enough hours or appropriate content to allow you to complete a period of adaptation and assessment.



If you have an employer in Ireland, they can fill out the Request for Candidate Certificate and send it to NMBI along with a letter that will indicate the dates of your adaptation placement.


As of 24 May 2016, here’s the list of approved facilities for the Adaptation Program for the General Nursing Division:


Guess where’s mine? It’s going to be in the 2nd largest city in Ireland. Take your pick! 🙂

What are you waiting for? The NMBI process doesn’t seem as difficult as you think. Mine took just around 2 months to complete it. Just bring along with you a huge amount of patience and dedication and start working on your dreams to become a nurse in Ireland. Let’s soar high and roam around the Emerald Isle. 🙂



  1. ok, but my agency is telling me that i can apply only after getting passed in my aptitude test..but how you find the employer before getting DL.


  2. Hi, I wanted to know whether we will need to keep the original DL with us for further processing till adaptation is completed or is it enough to have just a copy of our DL?


  3. Hi your blog is really helpful, it have cleared almost all doubts which I had during application process, great job and thank you. Just one doubt how long it will take to move from assessment stage to decision pending stage.
    And now agencies are claiming that it’s difficult to find an employer. Do you have any leads for job opening. It will be very much helpful
    Thank you


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