Overseas NMBI Application: Section 2 of The Long Awaited Overseas Pack

The section 2 of the Overseas Pack includes a series of forms which you need to send to relevant authorities so that they can complete and return them to NMBI. Take note that NMBI cannot accept completed forms from Section 2 from you, the applicant. Instead, the relevant authorities must return completed forms directly to NMBI.

Screenshot (77)


You must send the Verification (CCPS) Form to the relevant competent authority. The authority must complete the form and send it directly to NMBI with a Verification Certificate (CCPS).

The CCPS can be requested from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC). They already know what papers are required for Filipino nurses applying for the NMBI. When I went to the PRC (Cebu office), they filled out the CCPS Form and also provided me a Certificate of Good Standing wherein all the details required by the NMBI are stated.

Screenshot (78)

Screenshot (79)


The Transcript of Training Form is required for the NMBI to verify your nursing training with the Higher Education Institution(s) where you completed your nursing degree.

When I processed this part of Section 2, I attached together with this form my Transcript of Records (TOR), Summary of Related Learning Experience (RLE) and Course Summary/Description. Although not stated explicitly by the NMBI, I decided to attach these documents to assure that the NMBI will have all the related information to complete their assessment of my nursing education in the Philippines. I also wanted to avoid extra expenses if ever the NMBI will request these documents in the later part of the application.

The College Dean must be the one to complete, sign and return this form to the NMBI. Again, you must not be the one to send this back to the NMBI.

Screenshot (80)

Screenshot (81)

Screenshot (82)


The Employer’s Reference Form is required from your current employer to provide a professional reference covering the previous 12 month period from the date of your application to NMBI.

If you have been at your current place of employment for less than 12 months, you will need another employer to also provide a professional reference to cover the required 12 month period.

The Employer Reference Form must be completed and signed by one of the following:

  •  Director of Nursing/Midwifery or
  • Matron or
  • Nurse/Midwife Manager

If anyone else signs the Employer Reference Form, a full written explanation must be provided stating why one of the individuals above has not authorized the reference.


Screenshot (83)

Screenshot (84)

Screenshot (85)


If you have done Graduate Studies or Masteral Courses, you need to fill out the Graduate Programme Form.

Screenshot (86)

Screenshot (87)

Screenshot (88)


Once you have completed this stage, you will proceed with the assessment of your application which is the 4th step in the NMBI’s 5-stage Overseas Application.



  1. Good day may I ask lang sa education form do you have any idea if transferee so you have 2 schools need mo magpaverify sa 2 schools mo? And do you have idea if what ilalagay sa qualification ng 1st year since ngaask ng degree bachelor etc . Thanks


    1. Hi! I just saw your comment. Sorry, I’m not very sure how to go about that. Diba pag transferree you also update your records sa second school, and it will show sa TOR? So maybe sa 2nd school lang where you obtained your Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Sorry talaga if I can’t help you with it. If you have an agency, maybe they can help. 😊 Good luck!


      1. Hi, okay lang ba if yung TOR ko at RLE photocopied nung nakaattach kasama ng nmbi transcript form ? worried ksi ako. photocopy yung nabigay ko sa nursing dept. secretary namin.


        1. Hi, I’m not sure. I always give the original document kasi mahal ang pagpadala kaya sinigurado ko nalang lahat. Hopefully yours will be acknowledged lang by NMBI kahit photocopy, at least galing mismo sa nursing office nyo and not from your address.


  2. Hello. Thank you xa blog mo. Ask lng po ako if yung sinend mong copy ng tor, rle at course summary are original docs or just a photocopy. At kung ngrequest ka uli xa school ng documents? Nghihintay ako lng application pack. At kung kelangan mgrequest uli while waiting for the pack mgrequest na rin sana ako xa school pra hindi sayang oras.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Geraldine! I sent original documents, not necessarily newly requested from my school. 🙂 If you want to request before the pack arrives pwede naman siguro, but you’ll go back again to let your nursing dean sign the NMBI form.


  3. Hi, just wanted to ask if you only need the Employer Reference from your current employer? or do all your previous employers need to fill out this form as well? Thank you for your help.


    1. Hi Fleur. I didn’t have any credits for any graduate program so I didn’t need to send those. If you didn’t finish the Masteral course, maybe it’s better to leave it blank because the more incomplete info you send, might cause the Board to solicit more requirements/documents to complete the data. 🙂 Hope this helps!


      1. ahhh! What did you do to that form then? 🙂 Anyway, I’m a bit confused on that part of the pack. Coz apparently I’m reviewing there NMBI group 3 guide and it stated there that this “graduate program” pertains to this some sort of post-grad training just like the 3-6 months preceptorship training in chong hua. huhhuh.

        Anyway, how’s your Ireland experience? are the irish patients good to filipino nurses/nurses in general? how’s the working environment there?


        1. I didn’t send that form instead. 🙂 I also underwent preceptorship training in Chong Hua but I didn’t want to complicate my application so I thought it was better to just remove that particular form from the pack. Hehe. 🙂

          I’m am loving it here, actually. My patients are really kind and even compliant to treatment and it didn’t matter that I’m a foreigner to their country. I never felt any kind of racism in the workplace. Overall, I’m happy to be placed here. 🙂


  4. Did you inform the NMBI about that particular form? Coz, I know someone who didn’t send the graduate form, as well but the status on that part in still outstanding despite that she called the NMBI about her situation. Sorry if I have tons of questions, I’m trying to prepare what documents/to whom should I send the forms in advance to lessen the further delays. Apparently, I’m still waiting for my pack to arrive. Hopefully it’ll arrive soon enough to start the application process. 🙂

    That’s good to hear that you are enjoying there! 🙂 🙂 Hope I’ll be able to join you there in no time! ❤


    1. I think it’s not necessary to inform the NMBI about that form. I didn’t include that in mine and didn’t have any problems with it. 🙂 I think there’s a part in section 1 where you write any post graduate programmes taken so if you leave that blank, then it simply means there’s no need to fill out the specified form. 🙂 Good luck with your application!


      1. well said I think some things just complicate the whole process. For instance my most recent employment is in 2013 and that particular private hospital closed down I did include that work experience and it has caused a lot of delay on my application process now I know I keep ringing nmbi to inform them, send mails and emails All in vain. Actually at this point am thinkin g of using an agency to follow it up for me . Am completely drained by this


  5. Hello Ma’am,

    We have the same agency, HVM Adaptive and I’m still on the part of completing the Application Pack. I would like to ask on what section shall I send the IELTS TRF? Because I didn’t see any of the sections where to attach it.

    Can I add you on FB?

    Thank you.


    1. Hi Rachel!

      Thanks for visiting my blog. The TRF is not required in any of the sections because you already have supplied the TRF number on the application form before. But you can include a copy of your TRF in the section 1 if you want. 🙂


  6. Hi Maam, I have a question po. After I graduate po kasi I undergone training from another school because I was planning that time to go to Canada and that lasted 6 months. I am planning not to include it on my post graduate form but I might have problems with the gap. Is it ok kaya to just place the training on the explanation gap form and not place it on post grad form? Thanks po.


  7. I need to take Live-in caregiving program (NC II) before because I have plans of working in Canada and it took 6 months training and class so I guess I need to place it in post graduate form? We earned credits and we actually have TOR.


  8. Hi !It’s me again 😅 …so I went to PRC Manila last Monday to pick up my CCPS…the lady at Window 6 just instructed me to buy a PRC envelope , when I returned with the envelope she then instructed me to go to DHL just right across the street, so I went there with my CCPS Form, Certificate of Good standing and the PRC envelope without a stamp/seal and then I paid for the shipment…When I got home I read that the PRC envelope should have an official stamp/seal , this really made me so anxious, as the lady didn’t even tell me I need to have it stamped /sealed (it’s also my fault I didn’t doublecheck I thought I was doing the right thing )Do you think NMBI is going to ask me to resend the CCPS & Certificate of Good Standing because the envelope wasn’t properly stamped/sealed (it was just the White envelope with the PRC logo and address at the back )? Should I request for another copy now just in case? Ugh 😓


    1. Hi! To be honest I haven’t seen if the envelope had a stamp before PRC sent it because I just asked them to send it themselves. All I know is that it was the official envelope with the logo and address of PRC. I think it should be okay as long as the sender is the competent authority which is PRC. We just hope and pray that things will go well. ☺


      1. i really hope so too 😄😓 And oh, do you know that they had to reprint my Certificate of Good Standing because they put my middle name instead of my last name on the part where they put the name of the professional who requested the copy …glad I read the document before sending it , had I not checked it , it would mean I need to resend them again and shipment costs aren’t that cheap and consequently it would delay my application…sorry I’m rambling ..just frustrated with the system 😓 Thanks for all your help ! 😊😘


        1. Hi! That’s good. Sa Cebu office kasi it’s protocol to have a check before they have all the forms signed and sealed, sana naman ganyan din sa ibang offices. 🙂 Glad everything’s sorted for you. You’re welcome!


  9. Hi,

    I have done BSC nursing. I would like to know which form should I fill. Is it graduate nursing form or transcript of training form general nursing. I really do not know. please help


    1. tapos kulang din po ksi yung boxes okay lang ba yun na nasa baba or katabi yung karugtong, like ang school ko is universidad de Sta. Isabel; themn my employer is Universidad de Sta. Isabel, Health Services Department.


  10. Hello! Actually same ta. Were you working sa Chong Hua Hospital before? Okay ra nila na ang certificate of non issuance of stamp ila dawaton cause dili sila mu stamp? Then, about sa PRC, asa ka nag pay para sa shipping nimo? Nila na directly?


    1. Hi Angel. Yup, so far ubay2x nami taga CHH naa diri Ireland so I think dawaton ra jud nila ang certificate of non issuance. 😉 And as for the PRC, I paid sa ila customer service for the shipping. 🙂


      1. Sige. Salamat 🙂 just in case ba if naa ko question regarding sako application. Pwede ikaw ako pangutan-on? Okay ra ang Ireland so far?


  11. Hello. Very informative post! 😊
    Taga-CHH pud ko before and ongoing sa pagfill up sa akong application pack. Currently working in Singapore and was wondering, do I need to send CCPS form to SNB (Singapore Nursing Board) aside pa sa PRC?


    1. Hi Ada! According to NMBI guidelines, you must send the Verification (CCPS) Form to the relevant competent authority or competent authorities, if you are registered with more than one. Best of luck!


  12. Hello, thanks for this wonderful information.
    i just received my pack and about to fill out the forms, i sent the first application form in late february but actually paid my assessment fee june then the pack was sent. I’m confused over the 12months of work experience because i was employed in june 2016 and now i’m a year this month but i dont know if the judgement will be made from the date i sent the first form or when i paid for the assessment?


    1. Hi. I believe they will decide by the time they carry out the assessment phase of your application and this will only take place once you have successfully completed the submission of all the documents. 🙂


  13. May I ask po if may image po kau nung section 2 pack for PRC. My agency told me po kc na need ko din daw pong magpasa ng form for Saudi Council.


    1. Hello Ruth, I have all the contents of the pack in the blog but you will not be able to use it for your own use because all the pages in the pack is personalized with your own application reference number.


        1. Hi again. It’s Omanfil. And yes, I directly applied to Adaptive HVM. I had a Skype interview as facilitated by Adaptive and all other paperwork (ATWS, contract) was processed by them as well. The only thing I did with Omanfil was to undergo a PDOS and obtain an OEC.


  14. Hi, i would like to ask if your senior nurse can fill up the reference form without the seal? Unfortunately, my current employer including the Head nurse and Nurse Director is not cooperative and doesnt like to fillup such forms.thank you


    1. Hi Fratz, I’m afraid I’m not sure about that because there are instructions in who should fill out the form. Is there any particular reason why the head nurse or director will not cooperate? Can you not maybe fill out the form for them and ask them to read then sign?


      1. The hospital is not giving any references to any employees finishing their contracts. I am thinking to get a reference from previous employment. Do you think it is ok? Or I rather not to include my recent employment and declare that I am not working? Thanks


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