Overseas NMBI Application: The Long Awaited Overseas Pack (Section 1)

Here I’ll show you what the Overseas Pack looks like in the inside, most specifically Section 1. I know you are so excited to get your hands on this precious bunch of papers so I am giving you the opportunity to take a look at it even before you receive yours.

After you submitted the Overseas Application Request Form, you will have to patiently wait for the Overseas Pack to arrive. It may take weeks (mine took almost 4 weeks) before it finally arrives by post. If you have an agency, especially an Ireland based one, it may make things a little bit faster since the pack doesn’t have to cross oceans before it reaches you. With an agency, the NMBI will send the pack directly to the the agency’s address and the agency will just scan and e-mail it to you.


I’ve erased my reference number, birthday and address for privacy purposes.

Screenshot (61)Screenshot (62)Screenshot (63)Screenshot (64)

SECTION 1 : Forms that should be accomplished and returned to the NMBI by you

Screenshot (65)

Screenshot (66)

Section A: Your personal details that you provided in the Overseas Registration Application Request Form will be printed in this section. You must attach a recent passport-sized photograph of yourself to that section and include your name and Application Reference Number on the reverse of the photograph.

Section B: NMBI requires that you provide certain identity documents to verify your name and date of birth. Your passport is the primary document of identification. You must send a certified photocopy of a valid, current passport. NMBI require a copy of the page containing your photograph, signature, personal details, passport number and passport expiry date. Please ensure that the photocopy is legible.

If you do not hold a current passport, we need you to verify your identity by providing either:

  • A certified photocopy of your National Identity Card or
  • A certified photocopy of your Birth Certificate

If your name as it appears on the application form differs from the name on the copy of your Birth Certificate provided, we will require additional documentation to validate the name change.

Screenshot (67)

Section C: NMBI will only communicate with one point of contact for each overseas application. In this section you need to indicate if you as the applicant will be the point of contact. If you wish to authorise a recruitment agency to act on your behalf, you need to complete and sign the form in that sub section. If you decide that a recruitment agency is to be the point of contact, you cannot also contact NMBI about your application.

Screenshot (68)

Screenshot (69)

Section D: You must provide details of your initial nursing or midwifery qualification, as well as any postgraduate (master’s degree) qualifications you hold.

For the full course title, since “Bachelor of Science in Nursing” could not fit in the boxes provided, I extended beyond the boxes.

Screenshot (70)

Section E: You need to provide details of all competent authorities where you hold or have held registration. This means the date where you are registered in the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). You can see the registration date on your PRC ID. If you have been registered in other countries, such as Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Singapore, you have to indicate that in this section as well.

Screenshot (71)

Section F: You need to answer a number of questions about your practice as a nurse or a midwife in any country, state or jurisdiction where you have practiced.

Screenshot (72)

Screenshot (73)

Section G:  You need to list all your nursing experience since qualification.

Screenshot (74)

Section H: If you have any gaps or overlaps in your experience since you qualified, you must provide details in this sub section. Gaps include the date from graduation and the date when you took the board exam.

Screenshot (75)

Section I: You must read four declarations about the completion of Section 1 and about giving NMBI authority to assess the application. Then you must sign and date the declarations page.

Screenshot (76)

Section J: The last part of Section 1 is a checklist to assist you in finalizing Section 1 and then forwarding forms contained in Section 2 to relevant authorities.


That’s the last part of the Section 1 of the NMBI Overseas Pack. My next post will let you see what’s inside section 2 and some information on what to do with them. 🙂

If you have some questions, just comment or send me a message via email (denmarionne@gmail.com). Or you can add me on Facebook: Denise Marionne. I’d be more than willing to assist you in accomplishing the NMBI requirements. 🙂



  1. Hello friend,
    My name is jasmine. I have applied for registration in ireland. My status shows further info needed. I recieved a mail asking my employer’s mail id I forwarded them the same but when I called them they said its not updated to my account and my account status is also same. Did anyone have the same experience.


  2. Hi Denise,

    I am an overseas applicant from Italy. I just have a question about sub section H, where they talk about “GAPS”. What do they mean? For example, I explain my situation: I graduated on November, 25, and since then, I have never started working as a nurse, because I knew that I would leave Italy in three months. Is this considered a gap? Should I explain this on the form?

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    1. Hi Silvia! Thanks for reading my blog. I didn’t expect that it would reach someone from Italy as most of my audience/readers are from the Philippines.

      Are you a group 3 applicant? Because I would be honest, I am only aware of the application process for group 3 applicants. If yes, then I believe NMBI requires at least 12 months worth of post graduation experience in the last 5 years.

      You can check the guidelines or more information in this link: https://www.nmbi.ie/Registration/Trained-outside-Ireland/Group-3-Applicants

      Good luck with the application!


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