Limelight goes to Cebu!

[Note: I can’t believe that I allowed myself to let this blog sit in my drafts folder for a very long time! Am I that really busy with the last few days of my work? Hahaha!]

Last August 13, I conducted a brush pen calligraphy workshop in partnership with Limelight PH and Gaisano Capital Malls. I had my session at the Mactan branch. I was pretty hyped about the idea because this is my first sponsored workshop. A total of four artists were invited and I’m really humbled to be part of the guest artists. The other 3 (Earl, Camille and April) are really well known Cebu based artists and I have been looking up to these people ever since. I never expected that this day would come where I could have a workshop along with them and this is definitely a milestone in my calligraphy career.

It was a wonderful experience over all and it was my pleasure working with the Limelight coordinators, miss Jillian Dizon and miss Gigi Cabansag.

Hoping for more sponsorships to come! 😉


First batch of scribblers doing some brush pen drills.
First session attendees.
View from above. I love those lime green letter standees!
Second session attendees.
This is my attempt to hand letter on my Limelight Sketchbook.
Showing off the Sharpie set, among other items, that the organizers gave me after the workshop. 😉
Thank you, Limelight!

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