One Last Time

It was one helluva experience, one frequently likened to a roller coaster ride.

It all started October of 2013 when I took and passed the entrance test for nurses in this prestigious hospital. It was always my dream to work here and it was not easy getting a staff position. It took me several attempts (I sent more than 5 resumes!) before I finally received the call. At first, I was pretty downcast because I thought I studied and earned the grades that would make job hunting easier. I thought my resume was spectacular, honors and awards enumerated. Boy, I was wrong.
Fast forward to today, I have learned so, so, so much that I know and feel that I have become a better individual and a more competent nurse than the day I started. I have floated to almost all the patient care units and critical care units, and I have discovered which ones I love (hello, 5A!) and hate (uhm…). I have met countless people from different walks of life, many of whom belong to the elite class. I have interacted with the bosses and even the bigger bosses, politicians and businessmen. I have experienced working long hours when the census is high or when a patient goes critical. All these moments are dear to me. But the most important thing during my stay here is that I have created a family with my colleagues. We have our own set of dramas and petty quarrels, but I will forever treasure these memories that I have shared with them. It’s not the leaving that hurts, but sometimes flashbacks have a knack of pouring out my eyes and rolling down my cheeks.

I have seen people come and go. And today, the time has come for my turn to leave this place. Indeed, it was my pleasure working for and with you. As I close this chapter, I would like to send all my thanks to everyone who were part of my journey.

To all my supervisors, managers, and senior charge nurses: Thanks for believing in my potential as a charge nurse and as a nurse educator. Thanks for guiding me every step of the way, from my orientee days up to my very last.

To my families in 8A, 10A, 11A, staff nurses and ancillary: Thanks for bearing with my ka-OChon, ka-striktahon, ka-yawyawon, ka-langayan and everything else in between the spectrum of my mood shifts. I know I have my faults too, so please forgive me as well. I will miss you all.

To my preceptees: Thank you for giving me the chance to impart knowledge and learning. It is really my passion to teach so I thank you guys for the opportunity. I hope you learned something and please know that I am proud of how much you have achieved today and in the future.

To my CHH Batch 4- 2013, ‘disaster batch’: We have come so far from where we started. Others have left earlier than us. I hope we’ll strive hard in our work and let’s continue working for our dreams. Thanks for the friendship, guys.

To all my patients and S.O.’s, especially those who are now good friends of mine: Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to take care of you and for believing in my ability to provide quality patient care.

To Chong Hua Hospital: It is my pleasure to work for you. I’ll be bringing with me every bit of learning that I earned during my tenure. The Vision, the Heart and The Will to Serve – these will be forever inculcated in me. Thanks for the worthwhile experience.

To everyone else I failed to mention: Please forgive me if my memory fails. You are part of the chapter, etched somewhere between the pages and forever treasured.

This is not a goodbye, just a ‘see you soon.’

This has been your nurse Nice Tubat on duty, now signing off.

See yah!


  1. HI mam! Ask lang po ano name niyo sa Facebook. Mag inquire lang ako about sa Ireland journey mo. May decision letter na po ako then biglang nilipat ng hospital.


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