Visa Application for Ireland (via courier)

One major step in becoming a nurse in Ireland is obtaining a Visa from the Consulate. In this post, I will talk about the steps I undertook in order to have an Irish Visa. The steps in this blog post will be focused on an application that was done via courier. I did not have to go to the Consulate Office in Makati to apply.

Step 1: Complete an Online Application Form

First, you need to go to to access the form. Make sure that you have the following details before you try to accomplish the form: your current and previous passports; address and contact number of your employer; current passport of spouse (if married); contact person from the employer; name of agent, and address and contact number of your agency.

Here’s a short guide on what to answer in the form:

What type of visa are you applying for? : Long Stay (D)
Journey type : Single
What is the reason for travel? : Employment
Purpose of travel : Employment
Passport type : National Passport
Passport/ Travel Document Number: Write your Passport Number
Proposed dates you wish to enter and leave Ireland: indicate date of departure and you may leave the next date blank

Take note: You must complete your name as it reads on your passport. Always take time to check the correctness and accuracy of the information you provide before proceeding to the next pages. The system will have several other questions that you need to fill out.

READ MORE: Information to Assist you in Completing an Online Visa Application

Once you are done, the website will generate a transaction reference number which you need to remember as this is necessary in all transactions regarding your Visa application, such as asking for the appointment schedule (if you plan to have a personal appearance) and inquiring about the status of your application.

Print the summary sheet at the end of the online questionnaire on an A4 sized paper and sign the declaration at the last page.

Step 2: Complete the necessary documents

Here’s a list of the documents that I sent to the Consulate Office:

1. Atypical Working Scheme Letter of Approval
2. Contract of Employment
3. NMBI Decision Letter
4. Passport
5. College Diploma
6. Transcript of Records with RLE Summary
8. Nursing Board ID/Certificate
9. Birth Certificate
10. Certificate of Employment from previous employer
11. 3-page Visa Application Summary Sheet

IMPORTANT REMINDER: All documents submitted must be ORIGINAL COPIES and must be accompanied with 2 sets of clear machine copies of all the documents. Please invest in high quality photocopies as unclear copies will not be accepted or recognized. Do not worry because all original documents will be returned upon release of the Visa decision. Scanned and printed copies to replace originals are not allowed and not accepted.

In addition to the documents, you need to send 3 pieces of passport sized photograph. The photo should be:

• No more than 6 months old
• Minimum size 35mm x 45mm, maximum size 38mm x 50mm
• Printed on high quality photographic paper
• Sharp and clear, and taken against a plain white background with no shadows
• Without ink stains, holes, or scratches
• A frontal pose looking directly at the camera and showing full face. The face should take up 70-80% of the photograph. The expression should be neutral with both eyes open and mouth closed. There should be no hair covering the eyes.
• Only head coverings worn for religious reasons are permitted. Hair bands are not allowed.
• Sunglasses are not acceptable. If glasses are worn they should be of clear glass so that the eyes are visible.
DO NOT STAPLE THE DOCUMENTS AND PHOTOS. I used a small clear envelope to separate my PRC ID, Passport and ID photos.
You will also need a signed letter of application for the Visa which would include:
  • outlining your reason for wanting to come to Ireland,
  • giving details of any members of your family who are currently in Ireland, or any other EU Member State,
  • giving details of how long you intend to stay in Ireland,
  • giving details of where you intend to stay while you are in Ireland,
  • undertaking that you will observe the conditions of your visa, that you will not become a burden on the State, and that you will leave the State on the expiry of your permission to remain.

I also included in my letter the list of documents that I enclosed and that I would like to have these documents returned to my address upon release of the Visa decision.

Step 3: Send all documents to the Consulate Office

When I sent my documents, I used LBC Express for my courier. I also availed of their Door-to-Door money transfer so that I can transmit my payment for the Visa fees.

Address your documents to:

Consulate General of Ireland – Manila
3rd Floor Max’s Building
70 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air 1 Village
Makati City 1209
Metro Manila

For the payment, regular Visa fees are Php 4,600.00. However, since I am applying via courier only, I needed to pay Php 5,100.00 which includes communication fees like sending back the approved Visa and original documents back to me.

The payment should be addressed to: MIKKI GALAN with the same address as stated above.

Step 4: Follow up on your application

After sending your application, you MUST be able to call the Consulate Office to confirm the receipt of your documents. They will advise you if there are any additional documents required. As for my experience, all my documents (those listed in Step 2) were satisfactorily received.

Their telephone number is: +63 2 896-4668. Take note that their office hours are only on Mondays through Fridays, 8:00AM-3:00PM. I tried reaching them beyond 3PM and no one will really answer. 🙂

Step 5: Wait and PRAY

Usually, application for a Visa for employment takes 2-4 weeks. I know of some who had their Visa approved in 8-10 working days. Mine took 17 working days. My application was lodged on September 13 and the decision was released on October 6.

It was not easy to wait. I had to follow up always (3x a week on the 2nd week, LOL) because I was anxious about it. But I also prayed for it every single day. I prayed so hard and my heart rejoiced when God finally granted approval of my Visa on October 6. The Visa arrived at my home address the following day.

God is good all the time!

DMTubat - Visa Copy 2.jpg



      1. I see. Wala ka pala agency maam? Ang galing mo naman poh. 🙂
        Where in Ireland poh ung hospital mo maam?
        After receiving the DL, what will be the next step nyan poh?


        1. Hello Chamz. I have an agency but they are based in Ireland. 🙂 So halos ako lang nag apply for Visa. Di ko kasi alam anong process for Visa application pag may agency dito sa Pinas. 🙂

          Sa Cork City po yung location ng hospital. After nung DL, pinag apply ako for Atypical Working Scheme. 🙂


  1. Hi mam this blog is so helpful, i am in the same situation 😀😀😀..nasa bahrain kasi ako,pano mo sinend yung pera kung nasa ibang bansa ka? Through courier din gaya ng dhl, lbc etc or remittance center? Thanks po 😀.. good luck sayo 😀😀😀


    1. Hi Ronnie. Are you planning to apply at the Philippine office of the Consulate? Or you have an office nearby? If you will apply in the Philippines, then you can use any courier that has a money delivery service. I do not want to sound biased, but I am not familiar with other couriers kasi. Hehehe. You might want to ask someone else regarding the Visa processing in other Consulate offices, baka may differences sa steps na nasa blog ko. 😊


      1. Ah ok thats good! 😀 i guess i have to use any courier agency of my preference 😀.. thank you mam napakahelpful ng blog mo,kahit yung pano mag fill up ng form medyo nahirapan kasi ako ng walang guide 😀.. goodluck sayo at sa career mo ☺


        1. Hi mam question po ulit. Alin ba yung atypical working scheme approval number? Yung personal ID ba or yung application number? Thanks ☺


  2. Hi mam question po ulit. After ba nasend mo documents mo binalik dun yung passport mo? If hindi, pde kaya ipakuha sa autorized proxy para ibalik saken? Thanks 😊


  3. Hi mam! under adaptive agency po kase ako. regarding po dun sa DL, it was received sa ireland and they just sent me the scanned copy, would they accept it sa visa processing po? or i need to ask the agency if they can send me the original copy. thank you. 😁 more power po sa page nyo! it was really helpful!


      1. Ok po. Thank you. How about dun po sa coe, would it be ok to just include ung recent 1 year exp declared dun sa nmbi and not anymore the prev and present exp.? 😊😊


        1. For the employment reference form required by NMBI, you only need to submit 1 (from recent or current employment) as long as you are employed for a minimum of 12 months. For the section 1, I declared everything that I did (whether related to nursing or not) ever since I graduated Nursing up to the current employment.


  4. your blog was very helpful mam. Thank you so much. i will be applying for my visa later. Ask ko lang po, do i need to have my documents (coe, prc) red ribboned by dfa?or the originals will be enough? nasa province po kasi ako. I wanna know if i need to go to Manila for the red ribbon. Thanks a lot thescribblingnurse. God bless!


  5. Hello mam, thanks for blogging everything from your application to visa processing. Such a huge help to all aspiring applicants like me. I hope you don’t mind me asking po regarding the steps that you took in processing ur pdos, oec, etc since the agency is Ireland-based? thanks so much


    1. Hi Piper. My agency was Ireland based but at the time that my visa was approved, they had made a partnership with a POEA certified agency in our country so I only had to attend my PDOS and get my OEC in their office in Manila.


      1. Hi thanks for that info! I browsed some comments on your blog again and found out that u’re also from Adaptive Hvm. That’s my agency too. Beacon hospital. Actually sobrang stressed out ako lately because of the recent suspension of OEC issuance sa direct hires. I thought I’ll be leaving the country as direct hire since I do not have an agency na based dto sa pinas. Knowing na may partnership na pala ang Adaptive sa agency dto, I do not have to worry about that na, right po?

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Piper! I saw tour comment in Denise’s blog. I’m hired by Beacon too under Adaptive HVM. I’m going to process my visa soon, adaptive sent me the original documents already yesterday. When is your Adaptation scheduled?


      1. Hi Nad! that’s great! Congratulations and Good luck on your visa processing! I have not received any email from them yet(Adaptive). They told me we will plan for Sept/Oct Adaptation. Can I ask u something? I received my decision letter last May 31 but until now, I havent processed any documents yet. The last email I received from the agency says that we will plan for sept/oct adaptation and thats it. I havent heard from them since then. Do I need to be worried? Does the same thing happened to you? and Did you sign your offer letter (frm Beacon) before or after your decision letter came out? Honestly, Im a little bit anxious right now cause it’s really not clear to me what’s next after receiving the DL. I hope you can give me some clarity. Thank you


    2. Hi Piper! I dunno how to reply on your last comment. There’s no “reply” link, anyway, You can send me an email or add me on facebook so we can personally message each other. I had the same sentiments before. Especially while waiting for my AWS. Seems like waiting for forever. Who’s your contact person in Adaptive anyway? Btw, my email address is

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Nad and Piper. Hope you’ll be able to help each other as you will soon become workmates.

        Nad, there is a ‘reply’ link after each comment. Just under the ‘like’ section. I think you are doing it correctly as your comment is actually in its right place. 🙂


      1. Im also under adaptive hvm, just sent my visa application at the embassy. Your blog was a great help since Im very far from manila. Did you do another medical for the phil based agency before pdos?


        1. Hi Aiko. Yep, I had a medical exam done as part of the requirement for PDOS and OEC. Just make sure to have the exam done in the clinic that the Philippine based agency is affiliated to.


  6. Hi Mam. Thank you for this very helpful blog. May I ask for your help? I have some questions on the visa application form. For the part where it is asking about the host details, are we going to put the name of our employer there, in this case, the hospital? And on that part where it is asking if we received any assistance from an agent/agency, do we need to answer yes? Any advice? Thank you in advance Mam.


      1. Thank you so much. I am going to submit my documents on Monday to the Irish Consulate in Manila. Do you think it is necessary to include all my old passports and their photocopies too? Or just the recent one? All my travel histories can be seen on my old passports. Please can you advise me on this. I am processing my application on my own. Thank you very much in advance.


  7. Hi scribbling nurse!
    My employers is waiting for my NMBI certificate so that they can process for my AWS and for my Visa thereafter. Can I ask for a copy of your letter that you sent to the consulate for the Visa application so that I can have an idea as to how I’d formulate it while I wait for my AWS to arrive please? ☺️☺️ Here’s my email address:


    1. Hi! Apologies for the delayed reply. Was just very busy with work! You can make your own letter to the Consulate, there is no definite format or template as long as you indicate the details that I outlined in the blog post. 🙂


  8. hi! as always, ur blog never fail to help us anxious RNs. may I just ask, how long was the full process for you? including the wait for the AWS letter,etc which I believe would be sent to u from Ireland? Would it take a month (their processing of requirements from their side plus wait for courier to come to ur doorstep)? Do you think 2 months and a week would be enough to finish all (employer application for ur AWS included)? I have an agency btw, just asking if you think it would be realistic? Thanks!


    1. Hello Aika! To be honest, I couldn’t exactly remember the dates for which I applied and received my AWS. I applied for my pack around mid April 2016, and arrived in Ireland end of October 2016. So I guess the total process took about 6 months.


  9. Hi just wondering if I should really state the exact address of my accommodation in ireland i my letter of application to the consulate? My agency is still looking for a place where I could stay & have not finalised anything yet regarding my accommodation& Im already about to apply for my visa. Is it okay to tell in the letter that my agency will be the one who’s going to look for a place where I would stay and not go on the exact details where? Hoping for ur kind response. Thank youuu


    1. Hi Riacrys. When I applied for the visa, I didn’t have any address for my accommodation as well. I just wrote that my agency will be assisting with that. There wasn’t any problem with it and I got my visa approved. 🙂 Good luck with your application!


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