Writing RGN next to my name

I begin this post by reflecting on how things have made a 360 degree turn in my universe. Looking back, I was very skeptical about the idea of leaving my home country. I remember telling myself and my colleagues that I don’t have any plans of going abroad. This may sound silly, but I was terrified of the exams that are required to work outside the country (thanks to my irrational fear of failure). But at some point in my life, I decided to take a leap of faith and that huge step brought me here. Who would have thought that I’d make it through to where I am today?

After months of enduring (and almost giving up!) the entire application process for the NMBI, I was blessed to be signed off after the 6-week adaptation program as a competent nurse. My adaptation ended last December 16 and I felt that being able to finish the clinical placement was one of the best Christmas gifts I have ever received.

It took quite a while for me to be included in the Register because my adaptation culminated when Christmas was around the corner. I have no reason to complain – I had the luxury of time to spend the holidays with my new found family here in Cork City. I slept, practiced calligraphy, went window shopping with friends and ate loads of food!

When I went back to work at the 2nd week of January, I had no idea it was the last week for me as a pre-registered nurse. By the end of the week, my application for registration with the NMBI was finally approved! January 12th marks the day that I can officially take and use the title of a Registered General Nurse in Ireland.

A mixture of emotions overflowed when I learned about the good news. I was overjoyed, excited and scared. I was overjoyed because all the efforts and tears (yes, I cried on several occasions) finally paid off. I was also excited to wear the hospital uniform the following week. We weren’t allowed to use the blue tunics unless we have our registration. My uniform was waiting for me since day 1 and I couldn’t be more eager to have them on. However, I was scared of the added responsibilities of being a registered general nurse. For a couple of weeks, I was hiding inside the comfort zone of having a preceptor/mentor. But, the rude awakening is: I’ll be flying on my own now.

Still, I remind myself that what was once a dream is now in my hands’ reach. I comfort myself with a quote from Christopher Columbus, “you can never cross the ocean, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.” For those who think they are unable to reach for their goals and dreams in life, I wish to inspire you with my story. Never give up, work hard and pray harder.

This is me. Denise Marionne Tubat, PH-RN, RGN at your service.


  1. Inspiring! Godbless sa imo dinha. I am scheduled for the rcsi aptitude exam on april. I hope to meet you in Ireland puhon hehe dako kaayog tabang imong blog sa amo. Salamat kaayo! Kuddos!


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