Creating new friendships

Ever since I decided to write about being a nurse in Ireland, I’ve had countless messages from people who share the same dreams as I have. I made this blog not only to keep track with how I made it to the Emerald Isle but to primarily share information to other nurses who wish to come here as well. But what I didn’t realize is that by writing my blog, it would bring me to the point where I could get to actually sit down and drink coffee with the people who I just used to exchange messages, send e-mails or converse over the comment section in my blog posts.

Now, I am beginning to form new connections and friendships with people who were once just strangers who followed my blog and read my posts. I’m happy being able to share information to those who ask, but it makes me even happier to see that the information actually helped them come over to Ireland and realize their dreams.

Come to think of it, I am actually getting excited to drink many more cups of coffee with many more nurses who will soon be arriving here in Ireland.

Meeting Xyris in Dublin. Xy is a nurse for Mater Private Hospital. 
With Ariane, Raffy and Rose – nurses for adaptation at Mercy University Hospital, Cork City.

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