Rebranding my Instagram

After much deliberation, I am finally doing a MAJOR REVAMP (!!!) of my Instagram account.

What was initially created to showcase my love for crafts such as scrap booking or DIYs (hence, ‘craftyfatfingers’) has totally evolved and focused entirely on my interest in calligraphy. Over the past year, I have grown fonder towards the art of beautiful writing but that does not mean that I have left my eagerness for crafting projects. My ‘fat fingers’ will always have the itch to pick up the scissors, smudge the glue or snip the sheets.

Today, I’m rebranding to provide more emphasis on my journey towards a better handwriting while I also fulfill my profession as a nurse. I hope that you will continue to join me in learning more about this blissful art albeit not as active in social media as I once was.

I know I’ve already used this particular handle for this blog site but I am still very glad to introduce myself  a hopefully better version of Craftyfatfingers, @thescribblingnurse.


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