Who is the Scribbling Nurse?

Denise is my name and I’m a modern day Florence Nightingale who once wished to roam around the beautiful country of Ireland, and now living that dream. I was recently registered with the NMBI at the start of 2017. Once I thought I could not imagine myself working overseas, I have made a complete turn in life.

I am also a self-taught calligraphy artist who wants to draw letters in the most beautiful way, with particular attention to the Copperplate hand.

I’m not very good in writing, but I like the sound of the keyboard when I try to compose my thoughts. I came up with the idea of putting in my blog about the process of becoming a nurse in Ireland to keep track of how far I’ve come. I realized that through the months, I have earned thousands of site visitors and hundreds of comments from them. Some I have already met here in Ireland and more of them coming over soon. I hope that this blog will create a ripple of kindness in all individuals by encouraging them to help others achieve the dream of working in this beautiful country.